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 Mobile Art Case

Beyond Horizons Studio 

by Carmen Delprat 

It's time to give your phone a personal touch! Elevate your device with our personalised mobile art cases, guaranteed to fit every type of phone type and size. With customisable artwork and a perfect fit, these cases combine style and practicality, ensuring your phone stands out while staying protected. 

Ignite Your individuality with a unique Personalised Mobile Art Case from the Carmen Delprat Art Collection!

Which Artwork radiates with You!
Available in a variety of models for Apple & Samsung Mobiles.

Mobile collection copy_edited.jpg

  • For iPhone & Samsung phones

  • Fits a variety of models

  • Personalised & Highly Protective!

  • Vivid, full-colour printing

  • Polished glossy finish

  • Fits like a glove, snaps right in!

You know how much your smartphone cost you and you do so much with it! From selfies to streaming, you use it to express yourself, so why not do the same with your case?


Features that are stunning and speak volumes of your unique style and character!

These cases come in vibrant full-colour printing and a glossy finish. They have a snug fit but are also easy to put on and take off. Plus

 very protective of your phone & they make excellent gifts!



Personalise Your Case
Today with Style!

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