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Rose Murex Dreaming

How can art make you feel? ☺️      

 Image you have just arrived home after a hectic day and you’re just sat down seeking a moment of respite.  With so much going on in your busy schedule you don’t know where to start, so you take a minute to sit down in your favourite chair. Your eyes 👀 drift towards the artwork gracing your wall - a piece that promises instant relaxation and a captivating escapism! 

Your eyes follow the lines and intricate forms on the canvas creating a visual journey that transcends the confinement of your living space. 

You feel your shoulders relax, you face softens and you close your eyes and your mind drifts far away from the troubles of the day into a moment of blissful peace and harmony.  Knowing that when you open your eyes again that beautiful artwork will be there every day recharging your energies  making you feel all the better for it! 🥰

If this sounds like what you need in your life RIGHT NOW take chance out of the equation. Check out the full Carmen Delprat Art Soul Canvas Collection or simply get your copy of this print below.

Carmen Delprat Art Soul Canvas Collection

Rose Murex

Exclusively Sold Here

From $150 AUD

 including shipping.

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