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Expertise Graphic Artist Carmen Delprat.
Graphic Artist Carmen Delprat Expertise page
Certificate Expertise Carmen Delprat Art page.

Formally Carmen's experiences have taken her interstate and around the world. Having worked for an award winning production and promotion company called "A Couple of Cowboys". These guys made it big in the late 1990's with their international top selling video board games "Nightmare" and "Atmosfear". Working as an in-house artist for this company, Carmen was responsible for creating and designing over a thousand illustrations for the game. When you search below, you will discover that she has also illustrated other games, such as Myth and and designed logos for various companies and even local musicians.

Carmen has worked as a freelance artist and illustrator and and she has attend the

Julian Ashton School of Art at the Rocks where her cousin, Paul Delprat is the Principal. Carmen has also gained professional expertise studying Visual Arts at the University of Newcastle. Qualifying with a Bachelor of Visual Arts, Graduate Diploma, Masters of Fine Art & a Diploma in Visual Arts Education.





~ A' Couple a CowBoys ~


Carmen has worked as a graphic artist in Sydney and internationally producing over a thousand illustrations for the production and promotion company 'A Couple a' Cowboys'. Their Video Board Game' Atmosfear The Third Dimension' (1995), EMG Publishing was sold in sixteen countries. Information can be found here:

The work created for this game retained a highly detailed illustrative quality of fantasy and horror.  The number of skulls I had to draw would be up in the hundreds.



Other games created involve, 'MYTH the Interactive Video Board Game' 1996, for the Perth based company Advanced Play Pty Ltd.  This game was a medieval fantasy interactive board game that included numerous development for young children. The work was all airbrushed. The deadline was two months, to design, create and finish the entire concepts and characters. The game was released at Darlying Harbour Toy Fair with Success in 1997.




Commissioned in 1992 to screen printed a collection of silk screen prints with an addition of 100 for the Adelaide, South Australia, Australia born 1949 Printer, Richard Tipping who's work has become international. 

MYTH Logo. Carmen Delprat Expertise.
Atmosfear graphics. Carmen Delprat Expertise page.


Produced comic style instructions for the rules to the video board game

Atmosfear for the Sydney production and promotion company "A'Couple A Cowboys"



Illustrated characters of the game and backgrounds.

Designed games for Western Australian production company Advanced Play Pty Ltd, "MYTH". 

Logo Designs

Commissioned work to create logo designs for various businesses. 



Illustrated over 1000 different artworks to create video board games. Each artwork became an intricate part of the overall games.





Don't be spooked by the drawings - they are simply an example of the range of content I have worked with in the past ~ Works well for Halloween!

Graphic Artist Carmen Delprat Expertise page.
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