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Beyond Horizons Studio 

About the Artist


Contemporary Newcastle Artist

illustrator, painter & printmaker

Carmen Delprat Art Soul Canvas Collection


Bachelor of Visual Arts (1989-1991), Diploma in Fine Art (1992-1993),

Masters of Fine Art (1998-2000),

Diploma in Art Education (2001-2002)

Carmen Delprat is a Newcastle Australian artist/entrepreneur who is taking a forward step in marketing her own personal brand and unique art. Selling her exotic collection as quality fine art prints and branching into fashion accessories with her beautiful art scarf collection. By integrating a hybrid of styles of fine art, surrealism and symbolism with mediums of illustration, oil painting, and printmaking, Delprat's art becomes a powerful tool to enhance the energy and ambiance of any space. Just as Feng Shui principles guide arrangement to promote harmonious flow, integrating Carmen Delprat’s art elevates the overall energetic feel, enhancing elemental balance. Her work explores the dynamics of aesthetics with symbolic motifs in compositions of harmonic order, capturing an allegory of the natural world  around  her and transforming it into dream-like interpretations. Offering a window into a realm where vibrant palettes, bold forms and symbolic elements convey a sense of energy and spirt. Wind and water become an entry to emotions and personal tales. Delprat's work celebrates a cultural richness while weaving in themes of nature, human connections and fantasy.  

At the core of Delprat's approach lies the belief that visual allure fosters harmony. Aesthetics hold the power to shape our emotions. Delprat's  intent is to craft visually appealing work to uplift one's vibrations. Offering  pure escapism from the mundane and a deeper connection to natures exquisite beauty. Delprat has worked internationally for production and promotion companies and held solo and group exhibitions. Her work is featured in Art Lovers Australia, Art Edit and British magazines including: The World of Interiors, TATLER, Vanity Fair, House & Garden, GQ,  Vogue, Wired, Abode2, House of Coco and London's Life magazines, InsideKENT and the Condé Nast Traveller, Stylorama and The Artchi Gallery London.

Emerging Artist in Newcastle,
NSW Australian Fine Art Prints

Carmen Delprat Art Soul Canvas Collection Studio Newcastle NSW

Artist Statement

"Drawing from a background in fine art and graphic design, my practice has evolved into a hybrid of surrealist and symbolic expressions. My passion is to explore the human experience and capture the essence of emotions and the intricacies of life's journeys. Inspired by the complexities of relationships and personal narratives, my work aims to ignite a dialogue between the observer and the artwork to stop, feel a connection and offering a glimpse into the raw beauty of the human spirit.  Using a variety of surrealist techniques, such as juxtaposition, displacement or morphing I seek to compose visually stimulating arrangements of elaborate multi layered compositions with aesthetic harmonies. Working mostly large scale allows my full arm or wrist to incorporate the fluid linear swirls that are often seen in my work - a symbol of interconnectivity. With my interest in Feng Shui principles, utilising a vibrant palette is important to work with the psychological colour energies that I may wish to evoke in the work with various elementary motifs. The complexity of these pieces and their symbolic meanings are often revealed as the work progresses.

Illustrations allow for refine details of blended tonal realism, while working with oil painting gains the benefits of luminosity through the application of zinc white oil paint. Textural elements are also established with brushstrokes that follow the form and are built up with repeated applications and layered with various mediums. Attention to detail is interwind with both mediums, however the large scale canvas allows for more expressive arm movements that guide the curved shapes and lines. I enjoy the blending ability of oils, which stay wet for days and mixing on both palette and canvas aligns with my intentions to create depth. Adding blending mediums results in lasting vibrant colours and slight transparencies. I enjoy both mediums and find a restful harmony while at work ~ something I wish to share with other".

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls."
- Pablo Picasso

"Just as Feng Shui aligns spaces for harmony, art aligns souls for inspiration."
- Unknown

Within Delprat's collection, one encounters a diverse array of themes and elements carefully curated to infuse spaces with elemental energy. From the sturdy presence of trees and driftwood symbolising growth and stability, to the fluidity of water and the protective embrace of shells, each piece is imbued with symbolism that fosters a sense of grounding and renewal. The symbolic use of shells portray not only resilience but also emphasises the importance of listening and attuning to the rhythms of nature, fostering a deeper understanding of our inner selves.


In Delprat's palette, colours take on a deeper significance, with hues like blues and blacks evoking the essence of water, while earthy tones resonate with the vitality of wood and warm hues capture innovation, energy and relaxation. 

 Operating on instinct, Delprat’s art transcends mere visual representation, serving as a conduit for emotional and spiritual exploration. By blending fine art with symbolism and surrealist techniques, she creates a space for viewers to engage with complex concepts in thought-provoking ways, challenging perceptions and ultimately guiding towards a sense of peace and understanding. Inviting the viewer to pause and take the time to review the intricacies, the aesthetic combinations and ultimately connect with the work and be gifted with the elevation of one's mood and vibration in return.

Lightening .jpg

"Art is the process of engulfing the complexities of one's existence and finding solutions to manifest this onto a canvas with some kind of harmony and aesthetics"
Carmen Delprat. 

Carmen Delprat Art - Driftwood Trance FIne Art Prints Newcastle NSW
Carmen Delprat Art Shell Colection and Inspiration

Pairing Art with Luxury

It was only a matter of time before Delprat's love for fashion and fabric sparked the desire to pair her work with luxury art scarves creating “The Art Becomes YOU” collection. Wearing one of these designer art scarves is guaranteed  to serve up major goddess vibes for today's adventurous individuals and  ignite a spirit of charm and mystique.

Carmen Delprat Art - Peacock Art Scarf Traveller _edited.jpg
Carmen Delprat Art - The Art Becomes you Art Scares Newcastle NSW

These Australian made scarves come in a range of sizes and fabrics from 100% silk to vibrant flowing Poly Chiffon. Visit the full collection here: Designer Scarves and support an emerging artist from Newcastle, NSW.  

Tree of Life Art Scarf

Tree of Life Art Scarf

The Art Becomes You Collection

These silk and poly chiffon art scarves are more than accessories—they're portals to a surreal world crafted from Carmen Delprat's original artworks. Feel the energy of fine art, surrealism, and symbolism swirling in every thread.

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