Carmen Delprat Art


“Artist, illustrator, painter, printmaker”

Carmen Delprat is a qualified contemporary artist and

teacher who lives in Newcastle, Australia.

Ever since I was five I have been painting trees. For the most part of the last 30 years, I have been working on my own unique art. The illustrative quality and intricate delicate is often something I gravitate towards and I enjoy twisting the normal into something often surreal. There is a strong connection with nature, dreams and the concept of time with my figurative imagery morphing into other realms. Strong female characters are often personal portraits of family members or simply imaginative characters.  There is an interlacing connection with tree roots that morph into my work in various ways that evoke interconnectivity and other narratives. 


Studied seven years in total at the University of Newcastle having graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts, Diploma in Visual Arts, Masters Degree in Visual Arts and Dip Ed in Education.  For the last seventeen years I have dedicated all my knowledge to teaching high school students. My passion here is teaching Visual Arts,  Visual Design, Interior Design and sometimes a little French.

However, my desire to create allows me to find the time to pursue my first passion

~ to make my own art.

Please feel free to send any question you may have regarding the collection to:


All original artworks are available for sale as high quality prints.

A message from Carmen:

"To live a life as an artist is my greatest joy.

I hope you enjoy the beauty and intricate detail that I find so pleasing to create. 

Living with art is very inspirational and uplifting and I wish to share this vision. 

 Cast your eyes over the colours and dreamscape imagery. Take a moment and  let your mind drift, soak up the tranquility and enjoy the escapism.

It's easier than daydreaming"