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Beyond Horizons Studio 

About the Artist


Contemporary Newcastle Artist

illustrator, painter & printmaker

Carmen Delprat Art Soul Canvas Collection


Bachelor of Visual Arts (1989-1991), Diploma in Fine Art (1992-1993),

Masters of Fine Art (1998-2000),

Diploma in Art Education (2001-2002)

Carmen Delprat has spent a lift time creating artworks for a range of clients from personal commissions to illustrating graphics for computer games to teaching high school students Visual Arts and Visual Design to personal explorations.  Living in this busy hectic world, Delprat believes the  main reason that keeps her coming back to the studio every day is more than personal expression, it's about ~ Mindfulness & Wellbeing. 

'Art is good for you in so many ways'. 

By integrating a hybrid of styles of fine art, surrealism and symbolism with mediums of illustration, oil painting, and printmaking, Delprat's art becomes a powerful tool to enhance the energy and ambiance of any space. Just as feng shui principles guide arrangement to promote harmonious flow, integrating Carmen Delprat’s art elevates the overall energetic feel, enhancing elemental balance. Her work explores the dynamics of aesthetics with symbolic motifs in compositions of harmonic order, capturing an allegory of the natural world  around  her and transforming it into dream-like interpretations. Offering a window into a realm where vibrant palettes, bold forms and symbolic elements, such as wind and water become an entry to emotions and personal tales. Delprat's work celebrates a cultural richness while weaving in themes of nature, human connections and fantasy.


Drawing inspiration from the raw beauty of local habitats, Delprat's collection resonates harmony, excitement and a touch of mystery. The Australian beach landscape, with its captivating waves and whispers of impermanence, serves as a profound muse. It's a wellspring of emotions and memories that the artist strives not only to convey but to share through a surrealist lens, inviting viewers to resonate with its invigorating energy and one's own nostalgic memories.

  The figurative and portrait drawings aim to capture an ethereal charm, surprising viewers with unexpected juxtapositions of exotic shells or winding tree roots. These portraits hold deep symbolic meaning and embody the essence of femininity, exuding  grace, strength and aesthetic beauty. Shells represent protection and renewal—creating a sense of tranquility and flow. Curved lines are considered fortuitous because positive energy travels a curved path adding that ambience and tranquility.  


 At the core of Delprat's approach lies the belief that visual allure fosters harmony. Aesthetics hold the power to shape our emotions. Delprat's  intent is to craft visually appealing work to uplift one's vibrations. Offering  pure escapism from the mundane and a deeper connection to natures exquisite beauty.

Emerging Artist in Newcastle,
NSW Australian Fine Art Prints

Carmen Delprat Art Soul Canvas Collection Studio Newcastle NSW

Behind the Technique & Symbolism 

 With a background in fine art and graphic design,  Delprat's work takes on complex layering of detailed motifs. She is fascinated not only by the external visible appearance, but also the invisible vibrations that delicately radiate outwards and slightly touch our experiences with interconnectivity. The intricacies of her work illustrates the complexities of thought, visions and memories simultaneously capturing a glimpse of the energy that surrounds us through symbolic referencing.  Softly alternating the main subject to reveal its narrative with surrealist techniques of displacement and metamorphic transitions, Delprat's  work embodies an interplay between nature and the spirit and our connection to time.


Working mostly instinctual, Delprat commence her ideas with observational drawings to structure a linear sketch and later allow the pencil or paint to reveal the next direction. Delprat's oil paintings indulge in rich colours and textures, adding depth and an iridescent glow through layers. The colour harmonies create emotional and psychological connections radiating energies dedicated to the virtue of amity with nature. The pencil illustrations offer a delicate refinement, allowing for detailed patterns and vibrant tones. These are mostly large scale allowing the artist's full arm to move and map out the formation of morphing the female figure to either a large root system or an exotic shell. The technique is first linear than tonal, gradually building up form and emphasis. Both mediums complement each other, aiding in storytelling and enriching the creative process.  The silkscreen prints are complex and fused with metaphor on the notion of time. They begin as detailed pencil illustrations that transform in the darkroom with a photo emulsion technique. The hand-mixed metallic inks create an iridescent reflection that captures the light.

The symbolic reference of  shells in Delprat's work delves deeply into the narrative of inner strength. The outer beauty of the shell parallels the outer facade of individuals, masking a strong, resilient core. The endurance of shells against the crashing waves mirrors our resilience in the face of life's trials. These symbols underscore the concept that just as shells remain intact despite tumultuous waves, we too possess an inherent strength to withstand life's challenges, emerging more robust and liberated from the experience. Through the use of this symbolism,  Delprat's message is to showcase our ability to weather adversities and connect with both our inner strength and the enduring power of nature across all stages in life.


On a deeper level, the inclusion of these exotic shells in Delprat's portraiture serves as a profound symbol, not only of inner strength but also of the art of listening and intuition. The shell’s representation goes beyond resilience, embodying an emblem of deep connection with nature and heightened intuition. Through the incorporation of the shell into the portrait, Delprat aims to merge these elements, portraying not only the resilience in the face of life’s adversities but also the ability to listen, learn and become more attuned to the rhythms of nature. This fusion in Deprat's art symbolises an individual’s journey towards embracing inner strength while harmonising with the wisdom and instincts found in the natural world.

"The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul".  ~ Wyland.


Newcastle offers a playground of cliff heads, beaches and natural bush tracks and an enormous variety of beautiful birds that Delprat takes deep inspiration from.  The ebb and flow of the oceans landscape is carefully constructed with aesthetics of fantastical elements and deliberately executed realism in the attempt to mirror our internal experiences and inclinations for escapism.  Delprat's  richly hued paintings of breezy seascapes explore intangible ideas that evokes themes of interconnectivity and internal languages. The sight of a single seagull gliding overhead in her work not only creates a sense of scale and depth to the landscape, but a new perspective, an association of flight of being amongst the dynamic cloudscapes in  a carefree serenity.  


Operating mostly on instinct, Delprat's  art serves as a gateway to emotional and sometimes spiritual comprehension of our shared human experiences. By melding fine art, symbolism, and surrealist techniques, Delprat indulges in an exploration of aesthetics, provocation, escapism, and emotional expression. This amalgamation allows for the emergence of mysterious elements, enabling her to convey intricate concepts in unconventional, thought-provoking ways, challenging viewers to question their perception of reality and fostering intellectual curiosity and ultimately peace of mind.

Dream interior Exotic.jpg

"At the beach, life is different. Time doesn't move hour to hour, but mood to moment. We live by the currents, play by the tides and follow the sun".
~ Sandy Gingras

Carmen Delprat Art - Driftwood Trance FIne Art Prints Newcastle NSW

 By fuses fine art, surrealism, and symbolism Delprat's art collection blurs the lines between reality and fantasy, inviting the viewer to pause and take the time to review the intricacies, the aesthetic combinations and ultimately connect with the work and be gifted with the elevation of one's mood and vibration in return.

Carmen Delprat Art Shell Colection and Inspiration

Pairing Art with Luxury

It was only a matter of time before Delprat's love for fashion and fabric sparked the desire to pair her work with luxury art scarves creating “The Art Becomes YOU” collection. Wearing one of these designer art scarves is guaranteed  to serve up major goddess vibes for today's adventurous individuals and  ignite a spirit of charm and mystique.

Carmen Delprat Art - Peacock Art Scarf Traveller _edited.jpg
Carmen Delprat Art - The Art Becomes you Art Scares Newcastle NSW

These Australian made scarves come in a range of sizes and fabrics from 100% silk to vibrant flowing Poly Chiffon. Visit the full collection here: Designer Scarves and support an emerging artist from Newcastle, NSW.  

Tree of Life Art Scarf

Tree of Life Art Scarf

The Art Becomes You Collection

These silk and poly chiffon art scarves are more than accessories—they're portals to a surreal world crafted from Carmen Delprat's original artworks. Feel the energy of fine art, surrealism, and symbolism swirling in every thread.

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