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The Trapezium Conch Chime

The Trapezium Conch Chime

PriceFrom $150.00

"The Trapesium Conch Chime" ~ Hand Signed Fine Art Prints by Carmen Delprat.

Pencil Illustration. 


The exotic shell portraits have been appraised to radiate with ethereality and mystique. Each portrait fused with multiple layers of rendered detailed tonal realism of soft muted shades with bright, punchy accents of colour and dramatic atmosphere.
The suggestion of movement and energy indicated by the extruding lines creates a provocative tension with the subjects poise. These large illustrations are designed to ignite ones sensory perception with our own nostalgic memories of collecting shells along the beach, creating a visual dialogue with the viewer, one that is both soothing and strong. The symbolic quality of shells have a calming vibration, they remind us of the ocean and that recollection can be very relaxing. It is believed that the hard texture of the shell symbolises a strong mindset. Since the seashell does not dissolve in water and it is resistant against the tides of the ocean, the symbolic value of shells relates to having strength and a mentality that does not give up under pressure. Each portrait represent the spirit of femininity, emitting grace and strength with the beauty of each shells varied hues, shapes and textures.


Did you know that the psychology behind the deep charcoal background is associated with symbolic notions of sophistication and consevation and a touch of mystery.  Offering depth to the compositions background and spolighting the main subject in golden glowing ambers and gold - conjuring stimulation, optimisim and strength. What do you see and feel when looking at this work? Are the energies vibrating the right tune for you? 


Each home is unique and requires size variables when it comes to artworks. With the range of size options available to suit your special home you can make your statement piece work for you.


What's Included:


Fine Art Prints: 

  • Hand signed by the artist with authenticity certificate. 
  • 100% Cotton Rag Matt 310gsm paper for the very best in fine art printing. The textured surface grain becomes an integral part of the image, adding dimension and enhancing lighter printed areas. This is an archival paper that will give lasting image stability and produce crisp detail. 
  • Included white border around the picture.
  • Tracking during Shipping.
  • Personal Service throughout.
  • GST included (Australia).





Unframed: Ships in 7 -14 business days.

Internation Shipping may take longer than usual. Limited flights have caused delays for some international deliveries.  Please expect 2-3 weeks. Standard shipping applies.

  • Shipping

    Each print is delicately wrapped in acid free tissue paper and shipped in a heavy duty mail tube for large prints or Cardboard folder for small prints. Tracking numbers are then emailed to you for your reference. Standard Shipping applies and will be included at payment.

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