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Lightening Whelk Charm

Lightening Whelk Charm


"Lightening Whelk Charm" ~ Original art by Carmen Delprat. 

Pencil Illustration, 2022.


The exotic shell portraits have been appraised to radiate with ethereality and mystique.  

 The contrasting tones and accents of warm golden hues in the Lightening Whelk shell creates a dramatic focal point that leads the viewer to observe the charm and soft poise of the subject.   The multiple layers of imagery that softly merge and collide into each other creating a symbolic gesture of interconnectivity. The illustration is rendered in detailed tonal realism.


Shells are beautiful jewels of the sea with their mysterious refined shapes and markings and endless appeal. The symbolism shells have a calming vibration, they remind us of the ocean and that recollection can be very relaxing. It is believed that the hard texture of the shell symbolises a strong mindset. Since the seashell does not dissolve in water and it is resistant against the tides of the ocean, the symbolic value of shells relates to having strength and a mentality that does not give up under pressure. Each portrait represent the spirit of femininity, emitting grace and strength with the beauty of each shells varied hues, shapes and textures. The golden ambers and yellow hues suggest energies of confidence, optimism, enlightenment and motivation.


Each home is unique and requires size variables when it comes to artworks. With the range of size options available to suit your special home you can make your statement piece work for you.



Original Artwork produced on quality University Mixed Media Paper (300gsm), illustrated with Albretch Durer coloured pencils.  Framed: 2cm white frame and white mount, size (71.5cm x 89cm). 


Shipping for framed originals & insurance will apply if the artwork can not be collected. Tracking numbers are then emailed to you for your reference. 



Unframed: Ships in 7 -14 business days.

Internation Shipping may take longer than usual. Limited flights have caused delays for some international deliveries.  Please expect 2-3 weeks.

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