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Curls of the Abyss

Curls of the Abyss

PriceFrom $150.00

"Curls of the Abyss" ~ Hand Signed Fine Art Prints by Carmen Delprat.

Pencil Illustration. 


"Curls of the Abyss -  is a large pencil illustration of a Triton's Trumpet. A fusion of natural elements and my own artistic expression bringing together themes of beauty, transformation and the intricate relationship between humanity and the natural world. Shells have had a long history in myth and legend, often associated with mermaids and sea goddesses, emphasising their timeless and enchanging qualities. "Curls of the Abyss"  symbolises the mysteries and depth that exists within each person, waiting to be unveiled and explored. It represents new beginnings, a transformation and the emergence of the potential in all of us.


Did you know by choosing  artworks that feature shells and flowing lines can contribute more to that elemental energy to your space. Shells represent protection and renewal—creating a sense of tranquility and flow. Curved lines are considered fortuitous because positive energy travels a curved path adding that ambience and tranquility.  Paintings of positive images, such as beautiful scenery or aesthetic beauty bring good harmony and energy throughout your home or office. In general, larger pieces bring more energy than smaller works. However collections of small works together add visual weight and a powerful focal point.  A split complementary colour scheme of deep jade, crimson and golden browns are associated with vibrance, prosperity and spur renewal.


To invite more prosperity, renewal and energy into your home with endless appeal,  select the appropriate size for you. With the range of size options available to suit your special home you can make your statement piece work for you.


What's Included:


Fine Art Prints: 

  • Hand signed by the artist with authenticity certificate. 
  • 100% Cotton Rag Matt paper for the very best in fine art printing. The textured surface grain becomes an integral part of the image, adding dimension and enhancing lighter printed areas. This is an archival paper that will give lasting image stability and produce crisp detail. 
  • Included white border around the picture.
  • Tracking during Shipping.
  • Personal Service throughout.
  • GST included (Australia).





Unframed: Ships in 7 -14 business days.

Internation Shipping may take longer than usual. Limited flights have caused delays for some international deliveries.  Please expect 2-3 weeks. Standard Shipping applies.

  • Shipping

    Each print is delicately wrapped in acid free tissue paper and shipped in a heavy duty mail tube for large prints or Cardboard folder for small prints. Tracking numbers are then emailed to you for your reference. Standard Shipping applies and will be included at payment.

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