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The Eyes Have It!

Wonder how it all comes together? Thinking up the idea is the first point, rendering out the work in colour can take many hours, this is where all the fun begins! Here is one of my illustrations in progress rendering the beginnings of her facial expression, you can see the image emerge right before your eyes.

One of my favourite parts of drawing and rendering portraits is seeing how the facial expression starts to take form. We all know the saying 'the eyes are the window to your soul', Well when it comes to drawing eyes, I really want to captivate the viewer with the portraits gaze - it becomes a game between who's looking at who? As we study the portrait, the portrait stares right back at us - even me as the work transforms!

It's important to have this connection to bridge the viewer with the work and hopefully ignite wonder and curiosity to want to know more.



Art in Progress for you to Explore!

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