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Behind the Drawing Board.

Often a question people may ask is "How long did that take you?"

A good question and one that can be sometimes hard to answer.

You see, working full time as a teacher can be demanding, consequently my artwork can be created around the normal working hours. The time I can find often goes into my work.

The good thing is I always aim to create a body of work with my collections, so when one is finished, I move straight onto the next.

Finding the inspiration is just the beginning and once you have that image in your mind, it's time to work out the composition and render in all the detail and get into the flow of making art, where time can be distorted.

I often like to consider a few variations on a theme when creating a body of work. I have found that if you work solidly only on one artwork at a time, you can become stuck in that medium or that mindset.

There are always benefits giving your all to one work, however when I work on two different

artworks at a time, I have found that they both teach me something new to consider. This may be the colours I introduce, the types of pencils or the way I can introduce new soft colours into the design.

Here are a few examples of some of my work in progress.

Let me know what you think.


Art in Progress for you to Explore!

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