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Taking Form

The most interesting part of creating new art is seeing how the work actually evolves. From the idea to the finished work, there is a transformation that is unexpected even to the artist. It's as if the artwork is allowing you to master the techniques, yet there is a part of the process that wants to comes through on its own terms. Much like taking you on a journey you are not quite expecting. That's the exciting part! Perhaps that's the 'life' coming through in the work?

Trusting in this process is what reveals your own unique style, It allows for curiosity and confidence combine with aesthetic exploration. There seems to be an underlining interconnectivity, a continuous flow and harmonious thread between the idea, the process and the finished product when you tap into the flow of intuitive practice. Art to me is a combination of exploration and experimentation. My thoughts, visions, emotions and reflections of the world around me all become fused into one focused direction. Making art from a place of love, self expression and curiosity builds momentum to want to know more about what 's coming next! It keeps. you motivated and creative, stirs your mind , provokes you to want to explore more and it awakens your senses to what could be!

Certain types of artworks can send you on a visual journey of escapism. The intention is for the viewer to have their sensory perception ignited and curiosities explored with the meaning behind the symbolism. I am hoping my art makes people feel inspired to want to know more.



Art in Progress for you to Explore!

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