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Beyond Horizons Studio 

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Carmen Delprat Art - Soul Canvas Collection - Newcastle NSW Fine Art Prints


A Vision of Serenity

by Carmen Delprat


Elevate your space into a sanctuary of tranquility, where enchanting art invites you to discover inner peace and retreat from the mundane into serenity. 

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Welcome to the Carmen Delprat Art Collection.


Welcome to the realm of exotic art for interiors, where each piece serves as more than mere decoration, but as a potent instrument for enriching the energy and ambiance of any space. Carmen, a passionate artist from Newcastle, NSW, Australia, invites you on a journey through her captivating creations.


Carmen's artistic vision transcends conventional boundaries, offering a transformative experience that ignites curiosity and beckons viewers into a realm of dreams. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, her work weaves together exotic shells and motifs of resilience, harmony, and mindfulness.


Guided by the principles of feng shui, Carmen integrates considerations of energetic flow into her artistry, elevating the overall vibrational essence of her pieces. Blending fine art, symbolism, and elements of surrealism, her compositions serve as windows to a realm where vibrant hues and boundless creativity converge to evoke feelings of serenity and balance—a respite from the ordinary into a sanctuary of tranquility.


Within Carmen's collection, one encounters a diverse array of themes and elements carefully curated to infuse spaces with elemental energy. From the sturdy presence of trees and driftwood symbolising growth and stability, to the fluidity of water and the protective embrace of shells, each piece is imbued with symbolism that fosters a sense of grounding and renewal.


In Carmen's palette, colours take on a deeper significance, with hues like blues and blacks evoking the essence of water, while earthy tones resonate with the vitality of wood. Whether seeking vitality, tranquility, or balance, explore Carmen's full collection to discover the perfect addition for infusing your space with life-enhancing energies.

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