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Embracing Surrealism with Dynamic Cloudscapes

Recently I have started working with oil paints again. The pleasure of getting the colours down as soon as you apply the brush has been a welcoming relief after working with pencil, which requires multiple layers of colour to achieve the desired depth of hue.

This new work is going well and I am discovering ways to create atmospheric colours. Mostly this is achieved with blending the paint on the canvas and adding strong contrasts with the clouds to create that silver lining effect.

This painting will have a seascape very low in the horizon to achieve more emphasis with the sky. The dominant focal point will be the seagull gliding high in the sky and looking back down to the land. Often when I am at the beach, I am always photographing seagulls in flight, hoping to get one in a good position, I believe the one I have taken below has a nice attribute of freedom to it. I am balancing the curve of this seagull with the curve of the extra large rose murex shell that will be hidden amongst the clouds. This unexpected juxtaposition will hopefully create an almost heavenly charm. Playing around with surrealist techniques such as displacement and juxtaposition can be very satisfying to see how the imagery can be combined.

To keep in line with the Australian landscape, I may add more of a golden hue to the sand when I start working on that area.

Here is a sneak peak of some of my imagery that I am adding into my work. I am hoping to have this one completed around Christmas time. :)


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