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Welcome to the Carmen Delprat Art Blog: Featuring work in progress.

Welcome art lovers!

Art is a celebrated way of living, where self expression can dive deep into visions, intuitive guidance and explore the unknown through experimentation and development of technique. Being an artist is a way of life, one dedicates to exploring new visions, seeking ways of understand the world around us, a means to find some common ground, reconnect with nature and to open a visual window into the unknown. Hopefully one that holds aesthetics as a high point in illustrating human experiences.

We all live in a culturally diverse world, art speaks internal languages, of interconnectivity, connection, intuition, understanding, sharing and reconnecting with what is good and important.

I wish to design compositions with strength, bold design, beauty and originality. Painting an allegory of the natural world using pictorial means and an element of fantasy. Hoping to record on canvas the great mystery of our experiences here, in the present, our spirit, time and absorbing symbolic stimuli to allow the view to question, contemplate, connect and enjoy.

Being an artist is part of my DNA. Growing up in a highly creative family carved my way to becoming highly resourceful and seeking artistic expression. Curiosity and courage to work through any mistakes or difficulties harvest innovation and time could not be wasted. From interior and exterior renovations to building harpsichord’s and exploring novel writing, my parents lead the way in believing that with a little work and determination your vision can be achieved. Music and art were encouraged, playing the piano and later the alto saxophone became a part of my life. I was involved in a few local Newcastle bands for many of my early years, one fed off the other, art music, music, art. It is only now later in my life art has my full attention as one has to consider what to do with ones precious time. (My father Carl Delprat use to build harpsichords and spinets from scratch in the early 1970’s, he didn’t even play music and later in life become a writer with 16 novels of adventurous stories).

That intrinsic driving urge cannot be silenced and makes you jump out of bed with your next idea and direction despite what time it is.

Being an artists is a pledge to one’s life commitment.

In the early days, I knew my path involved art of some kind and so straight after high school I achieved my first couple of degrees at the University of Newcastle. Helping a friend in need to babysitting her kitten in Sydney led me into a new direction. On that first night in Sydney, the other artist who I was living with was invited to work for a production and promotion company "A Couple of Cowboys”, he declined the offer and handed it to me. I guess I was in the right place at the right time. So began my adventure as an artist in the corporate world. Commitment to quality and the pursuit of excellence was paramount. During this time, I illustrating over 1000 illustrations for the award winning video board game “Atmosfear”.

This company sent me to England to work on the game while the 16 countries that sold their product held a conference. This experience sparked the understanding that having an idea is the beginning, however, one also needs the talent to execute the vision. This is where artists' are needed.

After working for a number of production companies and freelancing in Sydney, my initial calling to create my own work became a stronger vision. Leading me to explore the concept of 'Time' with my Masters in Fine Art degree (Newcastle University).These were some of the best two years of my life, a total commitment to artistic exploration and practice, one where I worked as hard for myself as I ever did for the past corporative businesses.

However, living back in Newcastle did not offer the same kind of artistic career options and my parents were keen to suggest I become a teacher - My initial thoughts of this idea were not favourable. However I obliged and 17 years later I can see the value and enjoyment. However little did I know, that the teaching profession would take me down a rabbit hole of never ending administrative work and emotional highs and lows with an increase of stress. Art was my release. Never abandoning my practice I made various works that not only gave me a calm haven, I would share with my students various techniques. (Any respectful teacher will tell you this profession is no walk in the park and the administrative work and emotional investment and increasing stress are apart of it).

However this is not where my story ends, rather I'm just warming up to really understanding the importance of every valuable minute. I am a teacher by day and an artist every other waking minute.

I have always been producing art throughout my teaching career, however I really started to take myself seriously as an artist around 2019, building my website and exploring a new body of work and developing the production line of designer art scarves.

Allow me to take you on a journey behind some of my work in production. Some artist don't like sharing work until it is ready - to me, it is the full experience and I am open to sharing.

Art is a combination of experimentation, curiosity, vision, joy, optimistic hope, tension and aesthetic technique. After many years of creating art, one does start to develop a unique style and technique. I like to push this style and experiment between mediums from illustration to oil painting. This allows me to build my own aesthetic technique.

Producing art is a rewarding use of time and time is definitely what it takes. I work in solitary but I never feel alone. I have a lot imagination and I just want to work to get these ideas down to see what they evolve into. Here I wish to share with you some of my work in progress so you can appreciate the multiple stages, solutions and experimentations that takes place on the drawing board. When you are doing something from love and you start sharing that with others, you are doing something of benefit. Ultimately I want to touch people with my art and hope that others will enjoy living with my art in their homes for years to come.

I hope you enjoy these short videos and much as I do making them.

Feel free to comment and explore the finished products available in the art shop.

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