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Welcome to the Carmen Delprat Art Blog: Featuring work in progress.

Welcome art lovers looking for wonder and curiosities!

Please allow me to take you on a journey behind the senses of some of my more resent artworks and new developments in the pipe line.

Art to me is a combination of experimentation, curiosity, vision, joy, optimistic hope, tension and aesthetic technique. After many years of creating art, one does start to develop a unique style and technique. I like to push this style and experiment between mediums from illustration to oil painting. This allows me to build my own aesthetic technique.

Producing art is a rewarding use of time and time is definitely what it takes. Here I wish to share with you some of my work in progress so you can appreciate the multiple stages, solutions and experimentations that takes place on the drawing board.

I hope you enjoy these short videos and much as I do making them.

Feel free to comment and explore the finished products available in the art shop.

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Thanks for taking an interest.

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Art in Progress for you to Explore!

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