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Original Aqua Aura

Original Aqua Aura


"Aqua Aura" ~ Original art by Carmen Delprat.

Miixed media, 2021.


This mixed media illustration was inspired by the idea of wave lengths, auras and energy that we all possess. The different vibrations can offer various insights into one’s personality and moods. The aqua colour is said to emulate creativity, healing and inspirations. The overlapping imagery and transparency of lines pulse with a gentle flow and movement that circulate the composition. The female portrait casually reviews the audience while the audience percieves her. Who is looking at who? What would you say to her if you could? One thing is for sure, these aqua hues create a tranquil mood. The swirling lines add a touch of momentum ideal to introduce to any interior.


Each home is unique and requires size variables when it comes to artworks. With the range of size options available to suit