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Colour to Capture our Hearts

Not sure about you, but did you know that the archomatic colour scheme as been very popular and with good reason. As an interior design art teacher, I can tell you how well adding this kind of interior palatte to your space will lift and energise your environment. You probably already know how reflective white is and topping this off with shiny smooth textured surfaces, light will be bouncing off the walls and your space will radiate with harmony and purity. However, too much of the same will zapped your zones energy and without that spice of life, you will not get the required vibrations you deserve. This is where variety steps in. Adding that accent of colour will enrich your space and add mood boosting vibrations. A little dramatic atmosphere can be achieved with a hint of colour that is repeated softly or even boldly throughout your interior space.

(Achromatic is without colour - think of a tonal grid from lights to mid tones and accents of dark shades and anything in between. Achromatic is stunning, however one always needs that eye capturing focal point).

For me and hopefully for my ideal clients, It’s farewell to the neutrals and beige moderates without accents of colour, it’s all about bold, mood boosting colour.

Don't get me wrong, the best background for any vibrant art to radiate is with a minimal background, or something that can allow for clarity amongst the interior environment. Adding colour to our lives can associate one with happiness, you embody that emotion and feel happy. Adding an artwork to your home that also resonates with you on a dreamy escapism can set your home in balance and tranquility.

To help you create your sanctuary that truly reflects who you are requires getting into the zone of knowing which colour(s) vibrate with you personally. The powerful affects of colour, shift moods, behaviour and even cognitive processes that can even altered with one's vision.

Using a palette that evokes positive emotions that can evoke a space that ignites wonder, productivity, creativity and relaxation is what I seek to achieve with my work. I love to live with the work I produce and I hope you may too.

It’s all about the colour associations, the psychological impact one connects with internally. Colour evokes feeling of calmness, joy, inspiration, sparks communication and even aspirations, or just pour joy in viewing the aesthetics of various hues. Colour undoubtably is one of the ingredients that I aspire to achieve in my work with harmony and contrast.

Through nature there is the idea of nurturing, a sense of softness, fluidity and an effortless and welcoming serenity. Evoke a sense of timeless beauty and tranquility in your home with a unique artwork or print from my collection.

Interior space with an achromatic background of neutrals and a dynamic coloured art piece!

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