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Tides of Time

Tides of Time

PriceFrom $150.00

"Tides of Time" ~ Fine art prints by Carmen Delprat.

“Tides of Time” originated as an illustration and was made into a silkscreen print and is now also available as fine art prints.


The image of a figure tied to a huge ball which is also physically tied to the tide is a personal take on Sandro Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus, (1485). A Botticelli like shell is depicted as a ball of time (in Pythagorean theories, the shell represents all time – the past, present & future with its ratio progressions). In contrast to Botticelli’s Venus who is blown safely to shore by the winds, this Venus is compelled to follow her destiny, as indicated by the ropes that bind her. This reinforces the notion that we are all creatures travelling in time and that time has an inescapable grasp over mortal life.


Although the figure is anchored to time in this print there is an element of freedom as suggested by her hair blowing in the breeze and the ‘bubbles of time’ she freely ‘kisses off’ into the wind. Freedom of spirit can be discovered once we unleash ourselves from the false illusions of time. The key is to break free from the constraints of out rational mind, and ego to ultimately become in tune with our higher self.


High quality print of an original artwork -  PRINT ONLY

All prints fit stock frame sizes.

Each home is unique and requires size variables when it comes to artworks. With the range of size options available to suit your special home you can make your statement piece work for you.


What's Included:

  • Limited Edition (100) hand signed by the artist with authenticity certificate. Edition in sizes.
  • 100% Cotton Rag Matt paper for the very best in fine art printing. The textured surface grain becomes an integral part of the image, adding dimension and enhancing lighter printed areas. This is an archival paper that will give lasting image stability for many years and produce crisp detail. Express your creativity with Ilford Galerie Textured Cotton Rag 310gsm paper.
  • Included white border around the picture.
  • Tracking during Shipping.
  • Personal Service throughout.
  • GST included (Australia).



Unframed: Ships in 5 -14 business days.

Internation Shipping may take longer than usual. Limited flights have caused delays for some international deliveries.  Please expect 2-3 weeks. Standard shipping applies.

  • Shipping

    Each print is delicately wraped in acid free tissue paper and shipped in a heavy duty mail tube. Tracking numbers are then emailed to you for your reference. 

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