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🚪✨ Step inside my sanctuary of inspiration! 🌟 Behind this door is where my imagination meets my canvas! I’m trying to get back into this artwork after a week back at work! 🎨

Today, I’m thrilled to share a glimpse of my latest work in progress – an oil painting capturing the untamed beauty of a sea landscape. 🌊🎨

In the foreground, a majestic pelican takes centre stage, embodying the free spirit of the oceans. The canvas is yet to be completed with the radiant sunset, waiting to be painted in hues of gold and warmth. The empty shell? It’s a symbol of the ongoing journey, an open invitation for creativity to unfold. This is the area I’ll be focusing on today!

Join me on this artistic journey. 😃 Your presence makes this journey even more meaningful. 🥰Here’s to the magic of beginnings! 😃✨🖌️

Art in Progress for you to Explore!

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